50 DAYS TO 50K

If there is one thing that being a gymnastics mom has taught me over the years, it’s this:  You can have all the talent and intentions in the world, but without the mindset and motivation to do something, none of it matters.

This, unfortunately, has been the status quo in my life over the past few months. I have the goals. I know what I need to do.  I even want to do them, at least until it actually comes time to do it.  The problem I’m having is finding the energy and will power to execute — to start writing, to start exercising, to start eating better.  They sound like great ideas when I’m feeling miserable on the couch after eating a bunch of fries or plotting “my best work yet,” but for some reason, when the time comes, I’d rather be checking for reviews and reading Facebook posts than working on my next project. Or I convince myself it’s easier to grab a quick bite from a fast food restaurant than go through the trouble of fixing something at home and messing up a clean kitchen. Or I just don’t have enough time to take the dogs for a walk, because The Walking Dead starts in six hours and I need all of that time to prepare!

Seriously. These are the things I tell myself.

I could blame it on the hibernation of the winter months and our crazy practice schedules, but when it really gets down to it, I know those are just excuses.  If I wanted it bad enough, I’d find a way.  This is something I’ve told my daughters many times when they’ve had a mental block, or were too sore to go to practice. Make it happen. Push through it. Find the motivation!

Well, Ladies & Gents, it’s high time I take my own advice, and finally I have my motivation.

I am heading to New York for the first time ever at the end of May to attend Book Expo America (and a nice trip with the hubby!). Two weeks later, I’m throwing a release party for my book.  So while I might not want to sit in my office and type words on a computer….I WANT to be able to say, “Yes, I’m halfway through my next manuscript!” when people ask if I have plans to write another. While I might not want to eat a carrot instead of a cookie, I WANT to fit into that amazing dress in my closet that I used to look so nice in. While I might not want to climb the six flights of stairs at work, I WANT to have the energy and stamina to walk all over New York City with my husband and have an amazing vacation.

So, today I’m launching the 50 Days to 50K Challenge to myself, to my friends, to my fellow writers, and to anyone out there who just needs the motivation and support to get moving.  For me, this will be a two goal challenge, but it does not need to be for you. Whatever works.


Goal 1: Write 50,000 Words

By the end of these next 50 days, I will be at least 50,000 words into my next manuscript. These don’t have to be 50k perfect or final words, just words.  The goal is to get my story moving and onto paper. I’ll worry about making them perfect later.




Goal 2: Eliminate 50,000 “bad” calories from my diet.

I say “Bad” calories, because this will be a collaboration of cutting back on overeating, replacing bad calories with good calories, and burning calories through exercise.  The idea here isn’t to be “hangry” all the time, but to get healthier, have more energy, and hopefully fit into that dress!


Maybe your circumstances won’t allow for either 50k words or calories.  Maybe your challenge is 50 Days to 25k or you can make it all the way to 60K; it doesn’t matter! Whatever your life allows, set a goal, make a plan, find the motivation, and write it down. You can write it here in the comments if you want or just on a sticky note beside your computer. I will keep track of my progress and check in frequently to let you know how things are going, and I encourage you to do the same! I’m not sure about you, but I definitely feel more motivated knowing there is someone else out there struggling with me!

Best of Luck!

Jenna P

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